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Lenco has been synonymous with Swiss technical precision in hi-fi and consumer electronics for more than 70 years.
Smart products for the right price making life easier, safer and more comfortable. That's what Alecto's good at for over 40 years.
Fysic develops electronic products with its own twist. Unnecessary features are being left out, so a user-friendly product remains. The products are easy to use.
The Trebs range is characterized by a series of high-quality comfort-enhancing products, with a high ease of use and a beautiful design.
Gastronoma is a product line aimed at food lovers and hobby gastronomes with an eye for honest design, strong features and high product quality.
Melissa consists of an extensive and far-reaching product range that includes all product groups within electrical household appliances.
Nedis is al meer dan 40 jaar toonaangevend op de markt voor consumentenelektronica. Wij bieden onze partners een gevarieerd en winstgevend aanbod van elektronica-gerelateerde oplossingen voor hun klanten.