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The Complete Collection

All Lenco products combined in a single catalogue for your convenience.

Turntables Collection

The most complete overview of all turntables in our 2023-2024 collection.

Expertise Collection

Our Expertise line showcases our finest turntables and radios, featuring the latest technologies, premium materials, and superior cartridges.

Lenco for Kids

Every Lenco product especially designed for children, combined in a fun and joyful catalogue.

The Alecto Home Collection

Secure your home of make it smart with the Alecto Home collection.

The Alecto Baby Collection

Babyphones, sleep trainers and more products for baby care, all combined in a single catalogue.

English / Deutsch
Fysic Collection

The Complete Collection of all Fysic products. / Die komplette Kollektion aller Fysic-Produkte.

Nederlands / Français
Fysic Collection

De complete collectie Fysic artikelen. / La collection complète de tous les produits Fysic.

Gastronoma Collection

When cooking becomes a passion. The entire Gastronoma collection bundled in a single catalogue.

Melissa collection

Everything by Melissa for in the kitchen, personal care and more.

House of Barber collection

House of Barber is a brand by Melissa and powered by Commaxx.

Infinity collection

Infinity is a brand by Melissa and powered by Commaxx.


Connectivity Solutions

Experience entertainment with the Nedis connectivity range, whether for music or film lovers, gamers or business people.

Gaming assortment

Everything you need for your gaming setup.

Chargers & Cables

Being able to quickly charge your phone or tablet can mean the difference between hours of carefree use or running around to find the nearest restaurant or bar for a power outlet.


The easiest way to your smart home.